First Score

First Scoring Play Rugby Betting - First Points Bets

Another interesting Rugby Bet is picking the way the first points are going to be scored. The options to consider are Penalty kick, Try, Drop Kick and then all you have to work out is which of the teams in the world cup will get the first score.

Sometimes with this type of rugby union bet it is best to wait to the very last moment and see who is going to kick off as this just might give you a slight edge.

It is always important to know the teams as should there be a top class kicker in the line up then selecting this as the first method of score could be the option. On the other hand if the team plays open flowing rugby then you might like to consider a first try bet as your first preference.

The Penalty kick is always the favourite in this market but this can be a fun rugby bet for you to consider. Oh, by the way don't forget no score.