Rugby World Cup Betting Tips 2011

Now that we at the end of the Rugby World Cup it is pointless us tipping up England full of grumpy old men or the fantastic South Africa, they have both got to the final and while South Africa has had an easy passage, England have had to beat a lot of big teams along the way.

So now that we are at the final the only Rugby World Cup tip that we can suggest is that this is going to be a low scoring match. Look at Englands last couple of games and you can see their game plan and that is to keep it tight. To make money form this tip our suggestion is to go low on the points that the bookies put up for this match and it like the market will be around 37 and a half points which is good spread and we would go low.

We have another suggestion and how about England to score the first points and for that to be a drop goal at odds of around ten to one.