Jonny Wilkinson - England Rugby World Cup Winner 2003 - 2007 Finalist

Jonny Wilkinson was the hero for England in the 2003 Rugby World Cup. It was not only the winning kick that everyone will remember but people forget that he scored 15 points in this very close final and was top points scorer in the 2003 Rugby World Cup with 113 points.

What people love about Jonny is not the fact that he is a great Rugby footballer but it is the fact that he works so hard at his game and is totally dedicated to the England cause and is so modest to boot.

Jonny was born 25th May 1979 and made his full England debut at the age of 19 against Ireland and at the tender age of just 20 he first played on the hollow turf of Twickenham.

I expect that another quality of the England star is that he is respected so much by the Aussies as they really love to get at him as he has always done so well against Australia and he is somewhat similar to Andrew Flintoff as the Aussies know a great player when they see one.