Spread Betting

Rugby World Cup 2011 Spread Betting

Spread Betting is a booming business at the moment as punters look for more ways to win big when having a bet on a major sporting event. The Rugby World Cup will be massive in terms of spread Betting with all manner of markets and prices on offer for punters to try to take advantage of. Spread Betting measures the accuracy of a bet from a punter rather than the traditional yes or no of a bet that is conventional with a standard bookmaker.

RWC Spread Betting Markets

There are a number of different Spread Betting markets for punters to focus on at the Rugby World Cup and we will of course be picking out a number of them for you closer to the tournament. There will of course be an outright Win market in the Spread Betting which will be the most popular among punters, it is likely to be a 50 Index with teams awarded points depending on when they get knocked out in New Zealand. As well as the outright market for the tournament, Spread punters will be able to have a bet on each match, the number of tries and points through each each match and the tournament as a whole.

Spread Betting is particularly popular among punters with Rugby as it allows them to make big money on the number of points and tries scored during a match and a tournament as a whole. With that in mind the the Rugby World Cup will be a massive tournament for these markets in particular and when they become available we will be featuring them prominently.