Types Of Bet

Rugby World Cup 2011 - Types Of Bet

The great thing about the Rugby World Cup is that there is a plethora of betting options for punters to take advantage of throughout the tournament, and they include overall tournament bets and those that are available on a match-by-match basis. Many of the early games in the group stages will be one sided with the big nations going up against the emerging ones so punters will need to dig a little deeper to find some nice value in the early stages.

RWC Handicap Betting

Rugby is a sport that lends itself to handicap betting more than any other, it allows punters to get involved with a match that might otherwise be avoided in other sports. A handicap bet involves each of the two teams either being given a mythical points advantage or disadvantage by the bookmakers. The favourite to win the match outright will be given a minus points deficit to overcome while the underdog will be given the same amount of points but as an advantage to start the match. Punters can then choose to back the favourite to still win despite the points deficit they start with, or they can back the underdog to win the match or lose it by less than the points advantage they were given by the bookmakers.

Winning Margin Bets

Another popular bet in Rugby is the Winning Margin market and once again it allows punters to find value within a match that may not on paper be a competitive one. This is particularly popular with the early group games at the Rugby World Cup as the smaller nations get their chance to compete on the big stage, punters though can get a nice price about a team winning by a set amount of points.

Rugby World Cup Total Points Betting

Another fascinating bet for rugby punters is the total points market which will be available for every match throughout the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Once again it is another excellent way for rugby fans to extract some value out of a match that may not appear to be there at first. The market will offer punters the chance to have a bet on the total number of points that will be scored during a match, it will include the total amount of points scored by both teams. Normally the bookmakers will offer prices on the total points being either over or under a certain mark based on the perceived attacking and defensive qualities of both teams.